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iflix is currently available in Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia , Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.

iflix has a huge selection of local, regional and international TV shows and movies, including comedy, romance, K-drama, as well as iflix original productions and short-form iflix Snack - all ready to be streamed or downloaded. Check out or download the iflix app to get started!"

iflix is completely free - free to play and free to stay. Always. Your first month of VIP – you guessed it – also free! For a completely immersive ad-free experience, enjoy iflix VIP for approximately USD 2 per month.

Getting Started

iflix can be streamed on your phone, laptop, tablet, and on selected smart TVs. Head to or download the iflix app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. iflix is availaable on select Samsung, LG, and Panasonic Smart TVs or on any other TV using Chromecast or HDMI.

Anda tidak memerlukan peranti terkini untuk menonton iflix namun kami masih mempunyai syarat yang minimum. Untuk pengguna Iphone, pastikan anda menggunakan IOS10 dan ke atas. Pengguna Android, peranti anda mestilah Android 7 ( Nougat ) dan ke atas. Jika anda menggunakan Komputer atau Mac, kami sarankan Google Chrome dan sentiasa memastikan pelayar anda setiasa dikemaskinikan untuk pengalaman iflix terbaik!

While we have no specific minimum requirement for your internet speed, we do recommend at least 5mbps to keep iflix running smoothly!

You can connect on up to 5 devices per account, and use up to 2 to stream simultaneously.

Definitely! Even visitors have immediate access to thousands of hours of amazing entertainment. But, we strongly recommend you to sign up with your own iflix account to get 30 days VIP completely free and unlock the option to Download and Watch Offline!

To sign up, follow these simple steps and start watching: 1. Go to OR download the iflix app on Playstore/App Store. 2. Click on Menu (""≡"" symbol on the app) and select ""Sign Up"". 3. Fill in your name, email address, password and you are done! 4. You can also choose to log in using your Facebook or Google account."

Voucher redemption option can be accessed from the menu (≡). Choose ""Redeem Voucher"". Or you can visit to redeem. Make sure you type out the code instead of copy-pasting it, and do note that the code is case-sensitive!

VIP Trial

New users are in for an awesome treat! We offer ALL new iflix users the VIP treatment for 30 days. Get unlimited access to our huge library of TV shows and movies, and stream directly on your smartphone, tablet, and laptop for your first month. The best part? No payment details required to sign up!

Having VIP means you have an all-access pass to everything we have to offer at iflix! Yes, everything! Any new movies or series will be available for VIP members first and some content is VIP-exclusive. "

Of course not! When your VIP trial ends, you can continue enjoying iflix as a free user. But if you can't part with your VIP privileges, you can subscribe to a VIP Plan of your choice. Menu > VIP Plans

Using iflix

Our Download and Watch Offline feature is available for most of the shows and movies on the iflix app. This means you can download and save up to 25 episodes or movies on your device, then watch it anytime and anywhere even without internet! Just log in or register for an account on iflix to get started! There should be a download button beside the share button for movies, and a download button for each episode. To check on your existing downloads, you can go to the Downloads tab on the lower right corner of the app. It’s yours for 30 days after downloading and/or 48 hours upon viewing, after which it expires. Don't worry though, you can always redownload the movie or episode as many times as you want! Please note, if you're using mobile data, make sure to turn on 'Allow downloads over mobile network' on iflix. Just head over to the Downloads tab, and select the Settings (gear icon) on the upper right corner."

Some things are too good not to repeat. You can view your watch history on the iflix app by signing in, go to Menu > Account and select “Watch History”.

Semasa anda berada dalam "continue watching", pilih ikon garis tiga di bahagian atas kanan dan pilih "select". Pilih kandungan yang anda mahu alih keluar dari sejarah tontonan anda, tap pada ikon bakul dan kandungan tersebut sudah dipadam!

We all have our favourites, and adding them to your playlist makes it easier to get back to them! The playlist button appears below the title cards of every show or movie. Just a click away and it gets added! Your playlist will be saved on your account no matter which device you're logged into!

If you're watching a movie or show on the app, make sure that you’re on full screen, then tap on the screen while it’s playing. There's a subtitle option on the upper right corner just beside the settings. Just tap on it, and you will see all the subtitle languages available for that video. If you’re on, the option is available on the lower right, before the audio volume button.

We currently have 2 quality settings available for streaming! Just tap on the gear icon (on fullscreen) on the upper right corner of the episode or movie you're trying to watch, if you're on the app. The default setting is 'Auto' mode, which adjusts to the highest possible quality depending on your internet speed. If you want to limit your data consumption, you can also use 'Save Data Mode' for a lower quality setting."

You can find all kinds of fun stuff under the “Kids” section on iflix! Check the lower navigation pane on the app. Everything from cartoon shows to the latest animation films. All content is of course, appropriate for kids 12 and under.

You can check out the new titles uploaded on iflix by going to the "New On iflix" section of the app and website. You can also follow us on all our social media handles (we're on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube) to make sure you're updated on all the latest releases.

iflix is constantly reviewing its offering based on feedback, viewing pattern and trend to remain fresh. Some titles may have been dropped to make way for new shows. Stay tuned!

Got a movie or show you think would work well on iflix? Send our content team an email at with the details.


To update your password, go to Menu > Account > Profile, move to the iflix login section, and select the pencil icon beside your password to edit. To update your password on, select ""forgot password"" and a magic link will be sent to your email or mobile.

You can use the ‘Forgot password’ recovery feature on login pages. Just enter the email address or mobile number you signed up with and we will send you a recovery email/SMS. Note that if you registered with your Facebook or Google account, you won't need a password to login to iflix. You'll be able to access your account through the Continue with Facebook or Google buttons.

You can reach out to us by going to Menu > Support > Contact Us on the app or email us at so we can assist you in retrieving your login details.

For now, you can't amend your email or on the site. Don't worry, though! Just hit us up directly at Menu > Support > Contact Us on the app, or email and we'll update it for you!


You can fall under either of the following iflix tiers: 1. iflix FREE - Some shows and movies on iflix are 'unlocked' (titles that have no lock or VIP symbol) -- and are FREE for users to stream without account or subscription! 2. iflix VIP - Want full access to our entire library of awesome shows and movies? Become an iflix VIP! All you need is an iflix subscription, which you can get by choosing a plan through our VIP Plans page. You can even get complimentary VIP access through promos, surveys and vouchers.

To get unlimited ad-free access to iflix, head over to the VIP Plans/Get More VIP page on the app or site. The available payment methods and plans may vary depending on which platform and telco you’re using.

You can check out your subscription status under Menu > My Account on the website, or Menu > Account > My Plan on the iflix app! You'll be able to see if your subscription is recurring/non-recurring, as well as the end or renewal date of your subscription (Day/Month/Year). If you need more details about your subscription, just hit us up by going to Menu > Support > Contact Us on the app or email

Anda boleh melanggan menggunakan kad kredit atau kad debit Mastercard atau Visa. Selain itu bayaran juga boleh dibuat melalui bil telefon, Google Pay atau Apple app store

To cancel your auto-recurring paid subscription, navigate to Menu > Account > My Plan > Cancel Subscription. In-App Billing via Google Play or Apple Pay must be canceled through your Google/Apple account. If you are billed by your telco provider, please contact us to cancel your VIP subscription by emailing

Nope. None - There are no hidden charges! Since you didn’t register any payment methods when signing up, it’s safe to let the trial period expire for your account. This will not auto-renew or auto-charge you.

Anda melihat iklan kerana akses VIP anda percuma. Iklan membantu kami memastikan perkhidmatan kami tidak terhad dan percuma untuk pengguna hebat seperti anda! ;) Asyik melihat iklan walaupun akaun anda VIP? Hanya melanggan mana-mana pelan VIP berbayar terus dari aplikasi (Menu> Pelan VIP)


We hate when that happens but we do have some troubleshooting steps you can try! First, check that you're running the latest version of the app. If you're on your mobile device, please do try reinstalling the iflix app, or clearing your cache for iflix in your Apps settings. If you're on your computer, try clearing your cache and browsing history, or launch using a Google Chrome Incognito browser. Restarting your internet connection may just help too! If all else fails, give our specialists a holler at They’re going to need your sign-in email and a screenshot of the error message you're getting.

If you signed up via Email or Mobile Number, you can try resetting your password from the ""forgot password?"" option on the login page. If you linked iflix to your Facebook or Google account, you only need to log in by clicking the Continue with ""Google"" or ""Facebook” buttons - no need for a password!

Log into your account on your web browser at and go to Menu > Redeem voucher. This usually does the trick for most users, just make sure you type out the code instead of copying/pasting it as the code is case-sensitive! If you’re still experiencing issues though, send us a message by going to Menu > Support > Contact Us on the app, or email so we can look into this.

We're very sorry about the issue! Please try to subscribe again, this time on a Google Chrome incognito browser on your PC. Just log into your account on, and head over to Menu > VIP Plans. In case the issue persists, send us a message through Menu > Support > Contact Us on the app, or email us at

iflix is available on select models of Samsung Smart TVs, LG Smart TVs, and Panasonic Smart TVs. If you are using supported models, ensure that the firmware of the TV is up to date by checking for available software updates. Check if the Wifi has a solid connection with the TV by testing out the TV browser. Lastly, restart your TV and try accessing iflix again. Not using any of these brands? Don't fret! You can still watch iflix through Chromecast, or you can connect your laptop to your TV via a HDMI cable.

iflix is currently available in Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam. If you're in one of these countries, and you're still getting this error, please make sure that you have your VPN/Proxy network, as well as your location service for iflix turned off, then try restarting your internet connection. If the issue persists, send us an email at