Frequently Asked Questions


A huge selection everyone’s favourite comedies, drama, K-drama, Turkish drama, Bollywood, Nollywood, cartoons, movies, live sports and more; from Hollywood, The UK, Asia, The Middle East and Africa - all ready to either stream or download. There’s tens of thousands of hours of content available online for you to watch instantly via almost any device that connects to the interwebs. Go ahead, pause, rewind, fast forward or replay as often as you like.

Getting Started

iflix is available on your phone, laptop, tablet, TV. You name it! For those of you who can’t sit still, simply download the iflix app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and enjoy iflix on your mobile/tablet. Prefer binge-watching on a slightly bigger screen? Just go to on your laptop/PC! OR…

If you like your TV shows & movies reeeally big, you can even watch iflix on your Samsung and LG TV, your Android TV or on any TV using Chromecast or HDMI.

We try really hard to make our technology as top­notch as possible. And on top­notch devices, this top-notch technology sings like a pretty little bird. Make sure you meet the following requirements or your mileage may vary:

Apple devices: iPhone 5 and above, iOS9 or later Android devices: 4.4 and above

PCs: Windows 7 and 8 Mac: OSX and above Supported browsers: Chrome 40+, Safari 7+ and IE11. (Do people still use Internet Explorer these days? Bless ‘em)

Some browsers may require Silverlight to be installed. It’s easy. Just click “install”.

Nope, you will need to sign up for an account to watch anything on iflix. You can however browse our amazing catalogue before signing up, but trust us you’ll want to sign up for the coolest content.

Joining iflix is easy. Because we made it super simple for you. And on top of that, we’re pretty generous too. For starters, you get the VIP treatment, on us for 30 days.

On your APP: Hit Sign Up upon launching the app. Choose between using your Google account, Facebook account, or email for the login information and you’re in!

On your COMPUTER: Just visit and click “SIGN UP NOW”. You’ll have the option to continue with your Google account, Facebook account, or register with your email address, and if you agree to play by the rules (read: Terms of Use & Privacy Policy), let’s hit that SIGN-UP button!

On your TV: Hit the sign up button on the TV landing page, register for an account and you’re in!

And that’s it, just play!

We offer new iflix members the VIP treatment for 30 days.

Get unlimited access to our huge library of TV shows and movies and stream directly on your smartphone, tablet and laptop.

The best part? No payment details required to sign up! Because great entertainment shouldn’t be complicated. We want you to just play.

Leaving already? :( That’s okay. We’re pretty sure we’ll see you again real soon. To sign-out, just navigate your way to the homepage, head to the menu bar on the top left. Click on your profile name and you should see a logout option. Then, just erm… log out.

Installing Silverlight is necessary in order to run iflix on your web browser. It’ll only take a few minutes, so don’t get antsy.

There are two easy ways you can install Silverlight. First, you can visit the Silverlight website HERE and download the plugin. The site will guide you through both the download and installation process.

Secondly, you can download and install Silverlight if you are prompted WITHIN iflix. Choose your preferred browser and follow the installation instructions below to install the Silverlight plugin. It’s super simple.

Mac Safari

  1. On a web browser, go to
  2. Click on any TV show or movie to play.
  3. When prompted to install Silverlight, click Install Now.
  4. Click Save File.
  5. Double-click Silverlight.dmg in Downloads and play along to the music.

    • For Safari, the Downloads menu is in the upper right-hand corner of the browser.
    • Here’s a little tip: If you have trouble locating the download folder, press Command + J to bring up the Downloads section in your browser.
  6. Right-click or hold Control on your keyboard and click on Silverlight.pkg.
  7. Click Open on the pop-up menu.
  8. Click Open when prompted with “Silverlight.pkg is not from the Mac App Store. Are you sure you want to open it?” Opening Silverlight.pkg will always allow it to run on your Mac.
  9. Follow all the following prompts to complete installation.


Internet Explorer:

  1. Internet Explorer. On the Internet Explorer browser, log in to
  2. Select any TV show or movie to play.
  3. Select Install Now.
  4. Select Save File.
  5. If you have trouble locating the file, check for Silverlight.exe in the Downloads folder by pressing Ctrl + J.
  6. Select Run when prompted by the “File Download - Security Warning” window.
  7. Select Run when prompted by the “Internet Explorer – Security Warning” window.
  8. Select Install Now.
  9. Select Close.
  10. Close and re-open your browser.

Just like installing Silverlight, making sure that Silverlight is enabled is also necessary in order to run iflix on your web browser. If you have not yet installed Silverlight, please click here (Step-by-step guide on how to install Silverlight). Once installed on your computer, you can proceed with the following to enable Silverlight in your browser:

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Press the Alt key on your keyboard. Click the Tools menu at the top of the browser window. Select Manage add-ons. Choose Toolbars and Extensions from Add-on Types. Select All Add-ons from the dropdown menu. Click on Microsoft Silverlight. If disabled, click Enable.

Safari Safari does not disable plug-ins, so you shouldn’t have any issues!

In short, Fast wins. Faster wins more. Typically we require at least some form of broadband, but the flavour you rock is the flavour we’ll cop. We try to ensure that even on lameband you will have a great experience. Of course, faster is always going to be better, but we should have you covered, so long as you pay them bills.

Account & Billing

Want to update your password? EZ PZ, buddy! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your account on the iflix website with your current email address and password.
  2. Click on My Account.
  3. Click on Change Password under Profile.
  4. Fill in the required details and click Reset Password.

Or, for quicker access, head on to THIS LINK to get redirected.


You’re having video playback problems? Binge-watching came to a screeching halt? No worries, we’ll help you get through it.

Some tips:

First, we’ll need to see if there’s something up with your connection and/or your player and we can’t do that unless you PLAY. First, play another iflix tv show or movie on your laptop. If that works, see if you can still play a video when you connect to a different network. And if that works, try streaming other videos and see how that pans out. Have you been keeping up with the latest version of iflix? Be sure that your app has been updated to the latest version, that might just work out all the kinks.

If all else fails, give our specialists a holler at They’re going to need your sign-in email and screenshots of your “About” page in the “My Account” menu. Plus, go ahead and send them the make and model of your device too. Never hurts to be specific!